1. Is BetaFly real medical care?

Yes! You’ll get real care from Firefly’s co-founders, Andy Ellner, MD and Jeff Greenberg, MD. Jeff and Andy are board-certified in internal medicine; both have well over a decade of experience practicing at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.  Both are on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.

2. Why is this considered a beta and what is expected of people who sign up?

While this is real medical care from great doctors, we are providing it over a very early     version of our mobile app and relationship management platform. We’ll be learning as we go about what works and doesn’t work and how you are using our tech and service. We will be complying with all legal and regulatory standards for medical care but will not be billing insurance companies for our services for at least the first month. Our main asks of you are to be understanding if things aren’t working perfectly and to provide us feedback on how we can do better. Towards that end, we may reach out to you during BetaFly to schedule a short user interview to check in on how we’re doing.

3. What services will I get?

You’ll be able to text Andy or Jeff any time via our privacy-protected mobile app and can expect an answer within 24 hours. You’ll be able to schedule virtual visits with Jeff and Andy for a comprehensive health assessment and/or any new conditions that come up. We’ll work with you to compile your health-related goals into a personalized care plan, housed within our app.  Our team - working with our technology tools - will support you to work towards these goals. If you get sick in a more complex way, Jeff and Andy will be able to consult remotely with, or refer you in person to, leading specialists and other services.

4. What services won’t I get?

Before we have clinical space, Jeff and Andy will not be doing any type of physical exams that require more than basic levels of privacy or procedures, such as putting in stitches. Also, while we will be able to provide medically-indicated prescriptions for most medical conditions, until we launch our formal service and clinic, we will not be providing prescriptions for controlled substances such as narcotics or benzos.

5. What if I need in-person care?

During BetaFly, Jeff and Andy will be able to schedule in-person meetings on a limited, as-needed basis at locations convenient to your work. They will also be able to refer you as needed to leading specialists or for any urgent care needs beyond the scope of what Firefly can provide.

6. How will my data be protected?

We take your data privacy very seriously. Our service will be fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Here is our data privacy policy.

7. Will Firefly Health ever have a physical clinic?

Yes! While we expect to provide most care via our mobile app to most of our members, most of the time, we will have a physical practice where we can see people in person when needed. We are finalizing plans to have our first practice in the Wellesley area, and expect to have a practice convenient to downtown Boston within a year, if not sooner.

8. What happens after I put my name on this list?

We will reach out to you within a few days with instructions to create an account and download our app. During our onboarding process, we may also ask you to fill out some basic medical information so we can get to know you better and be prepared to provide you the best care. At no point will your information be shared outside of Firefly.

9. Will Firefly Health be covered by my insurance?

Firefly plans to accept most major Massachusetts health insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim Health, Tufts, Unicare and Neighborhood Health Plan. If you have insurance from any of these plans, you’ll be covered once we go live with our official service at no extra cost or subscription fee other than any deductibles or co-pays for visits that your plan requires us to charge you. While we do plan eventually to have contracts with public health plans, including MassHealth and Medicare, as well as national health plans such as United, Aetna or Cigna, we will not have these contracts at the time of our launch in October; if you have any of these plans, please do not sign up for BetaFly, but consider adding your name to our waiting list by clicking here so we can notify you when we can accept your insurance.